Asteria Kemer Hotel

Asteria Kemer Hotel, located in Kemer Çamyuva tourism region of Antalya, was a hotel that I liked very much after I stayed in a summer holiday with its natural beauties, unique sea and quality service. Asteria Kemer is an all-inclusive hotel, located at a distance of 50 km from the center of Antalya and 65 km from the airport.

The hotel is a very good hotel in terms of physical facilities. In this region, the oldest hotels of the country’s tourism are located, so the facility buildings are very well designed. Rooms with balconies and common areas are very spacious. Accommodation areas can be smaller in order to have more bed capacity in new hotels. However, room sizes and general usage areas are very well planned in the old-fashioned tourism approach. I love hotels built this way. In addition, the trees in the landscaping and gardens of these hotels have grown very well over a long period of time and have created a very nice atmosphere.

Asteria Kemer Hotel employees are very friendly and professional. I booked my reservation from a foreign reservation site and as a result of the reservations I booked from this site, they usually update my room to a higher room. That’s why I prefer certain travel sites as much as possible. I quickly settled into my very spacious room. The view from the room is very nice, the room is clean and spacious. I have praised the nature and natural beauties of Kemer destination in many of my articles.

Asteria Kemer Hotel is located right in the middle of this natural wonder, it has a unique sea and a lush nature. I had stayed in different Asteria hotels before, so I preferred this hotel because I knew the quality of Asteria hotel. From the first moment I entered the hotel, I saw that I made the right decision. Cleanliness, service quality and taste of food and beverage are quite successful. I liked the variety and taste of the buffet food in the main restaurant. In addition, the pizzas made in the Italian snack restaurant were quite delicious. It is very enjoyable to sunbathe around the hotel’s outdoor pool with a beautiful view. The pools and the sea are very close to each other, so you can reach all the services of the hotel in a short time without getting tired.

Animation events take place throughout the day at the hotel. You can participate in many animations accompanied by music by the pool. In the evenings, there are various shows. Shows, DJ performances and dance performances. You can spend your entire holiday in this hotel without getting bored.

In addition, the hotel management is very professional and they are in direct contact with the guests. We had the chance to sit down and chat with the hotel manager, he is very professional, experienced and has a customer-oriented understanding. I think that the most important secret of this type of successful hotels is an understanding that does not compromise on quality and attaches importance to teamwork.

The hotel has pools with slides, a mini club and many activities for children. The hotel’s open buffet restaurant is very successful, if you want, you can try the à la carte restaurants that offer excellent tastes.

The hotel’s hammam, spa and sauna services are sufficient. Asteria Club Kemer Hotel is a hotel that you can choose with peace of mind with its service concept, nature and quality food and beverage menu.

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