Lara Barut Collection

Lara Barut Collection hotel, which has a very special place for me and is at the top of my favorite hotels list, is the guest of this article. Barut Hotels, an Antalya brand, is an innovative hotel that focuses on guest satisfaction. It has a professional staff in every aspect with in-service training. In addition, the hotel’s cuisine, which does not compromise on quality, competes with five-star restaurants.

Lara Barut Collection is located 10 km from Antalya city center and Antalya airport. I can say that it is the best place in Antalya as a location. When the unique beach and location of the Kundu tourism region and the quality of Barut hotels are combined, a wonderful accommodation experience emerges. The hotel was established on an area of ​​110,000 square meters. The hotel has 466 rooms with very different concepts. As of 2022, all rooms of the hotel have been renovated. Before the renovation process, a dynamic and interactive restoration process was carried out, taking into account the wishes and ideas of all its guests. Considering the physical conditions of the hotel, one of the most striking features is its green and wide garden. The landscaping of the garden, which was prepared by respecting the nature away from the chaos, is very good. It is a unique experience to sunbathe in the large sunny garden with plenty of greenery and to feel all the peace of the holiday. There are walking areas in the garden where you can take pleasant walks. The beach of the hotel meets all needs. The sea is very beautiful.

The indoor areas of the hotel are also decorated with great taste. You can feel the peace and aesthetics inside the hotel both in winter and summer. The lobby bar and sitting area are spacious, bright and very clean. The indoor swimming pool of the hotel is large enough. Hammam, sauna and SPA services are very successful. You will be very pleased with the SPA section. The hotel’s nightclub is large enough and very entertaining.

As soon as you enter the Lara Barut Collection hotel, you check-in with a friendly welcome. Receptionists are polite, friendly and solution oriented. If you have stayed at the hotel before, they remember you and make the necessary gestures. The rooms were very comfortable and clean even before they were renovated. I can say that it is one of my favorite hotel rooms. Small treats await you in your room. I was greeted with a package of chocolates, a bottle of wine and a nice fruit plate during my stays. I also came across very high quality beach bags and various surprise gifts. Of course, this situation shows seasonal differences. These gestures may not be available in every stay.

The meals in the main restaurant of the hotel are very successful. You can taste dishes made of quality materials suitable for all tastes in the main restaurant. In addition, the hotel has many a la carte restaurants. Kuyu Türk, Turunç All Day Dining Restaurant, BBQ Grill Restaurant, Sandal Seafood, Akdeniz Fine Dining, Tirmis Antalya Local Restaurant, Laura Di Pizzeria and Iro Sushi Bar a la carte restaurants are free of charge and can be used unlimitedly. You can use the Grill House a la carte restaurant with a reservation and paid.

The pools of the hotel are quite large and very clean. In addition, the environment and facilities of the pool bar are very good. You can taste very successful cocktails while sunbathing and relaxing.

The animation team is very active at the Lara BArut Collection hotel. The professional and friendly team provides entertainment and sports-filled moments to the guests with various activities at almost every hour of the day.

All the staff working at the hotel deserve a big round of applause. The hotel has a staff that really enjoys their job.

I look forward to the day when I will be staying at the Lara Barut Collection hotel, which will always be at the top of my favorite hotels list.

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