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    Are All Inclusive Hotels Expensive?

    Are all-inclusive hotels, which are indispensable for our holiday preferences, an expensive holiday option? Yes, this question is one of the questions that puzzles us in every reservation period. In fact, people have two different views on this subject. Those who find it expensive and those who do not find it expensive. As a holiday lover, I would like to discuss this issue in detail from my own perspective. According to my research, there is an average of two and a half times the price difference between the bed and breakfast price of a hotel and the price of all inclusive. For example, if the price of a hotel room…

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    What Criteria Should Be When Choosing a Hotel and Scoring This Hotel

    As soon as the idea of ​​a vacation crosses our minds, our body starts to release dopamine and we feel happy. Even the thought of a holiday is enough to make us happy. Traveling, resting, pampering , ourselves staying at the luxury hotel and even feeling special is one of the greatest favors we can do for ourselves. That’s why vacation is a necessity, not a luxury. When we say holiday, of course, the first thing that comes to our mind is a trip and a hotel stay. Of course, there are different options, but hotel holidays, which are the subject of our site, are the main theme of this…

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    10 Reasons for Vacation in Turkey

    Of course, holidays are the periods when we experience the most beautiful and unforgettable moments in our lives. We go on vacation to relax, see new places, taste new foods, get to know the world, have fun and make new friends. Everyone who believes in the motto that vacation is not a luxury but a necessity awaits the holidays with excitement. Of course, our unique world has thousands of holiday destinations to explore, but in this article, we will talk about why you should choose Turkey for your holiday. Here are 10 reasons to choose Turkey for our holidays. 1- Unique Geolocation: Turkey, which connects Asia and Europe and is…