Simena Hotel

Located in the Camyuva holiday destination in Antalya’s Kemer district, Simena hotel is the guest of this article. Located in Kemer, which is highly appreciated by everyone for its unique nature, Simena Hotel is one of the most established hotels in the region. Simena hotel is located 55 km from Antalya city center and 65 km from Antalya airport. Simena hotel is a facility with a deep-rooted holiday experience. We can say that it is one of the first hotels in the region. Therefore, it has large rooms and green areas. Both the main building and the holiday village villas of the hotel serve the guests. There is a road between the main building and the Villas. There are all kinds of possibilities in both service areas. The hotel is located 250 meters from the sea. You can reach the beach of the hotel on the beach by walking along a path among the flowers, accompanied by beautiful scents.

I visited the hotel towards the end of the summer season with a group of friends. Hotel reception and hygiene measures were very successful. Friendly receptionists set up our room right away. Hotel rooms are very spacious compared to the standard rooms of many five-star hotels. That’s why you feel very good in the rooms. Although the furnishings in the rooms look old, they actually give a very high quality and vintage feel. The durability and texture of wooden materials are very nice. I like hotels designed like this. My room had a pool view and a perfect sunrise view. Waking up early and watching this view gives a great peace of mind.

The hotel provides service with an all-inclusive concept. It has a main restaurant, which is quite large, airy and full of light. In the restaurant, the staff serve the food to your plates. Of course, this is because of the pandemic measures. All employees in the hotel use masks and pay attention to hygiene.

The hotel has a very large pool and a children’s pool. There is also a water slide in the large pool. It is very pleasant to sunbathe by the pool under the lush trees. The beach of the hotel is 250 meters walking distance. The walking path is surrounded by flowers and trees. It’s a walkable path even for this environment. The area of ​​the hotel on the beach was smaller than I expected. I think it’s because it’s the end of the season. I think that the Simena hotel, which has a large number of rooms, should have a larger beach area.

I did not find much animation in the hotel during daylight hours. but there was a very entertaining DJ performance in the evening. Kemer destination is already a famous destination with its entertainment. Due to the pandemic conditions, the music ended early. But there was a very cheerful atmosphere.

I did not have the chance to try the a la carte restaurant of the hotel. The food in the main restaurant was adequate. I especially liked the fruit and dessert section.

I think that Simena hotel has two most important features. The first is the very professional and friendly staff. they all love their job. The second is its large, spacious and comfortable rooms. Even these two situations are enough for me to choose this hotel again.

There is a minibar in the room. It is filled with soft drinks on the first day and water on the other days. The hotel has ice cream service according to the season. You can benefit from a la carte restaurants with reservation method and per person reservation fee.


Simena Hotel is a very good hotel in terms of price and performance with its nature, entertainment, large and comfortable rooms, friendly staff.

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